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Helping landlords rent apartments for over 20 years, The Rental Guide is known for being affordable, reliable and effective. Specializing in rental apartments in southeastern Connecticut and Western Rhode Island, the Rental Guide Online is the easiest way to give your property instant exposure.

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Usage Statistics report that as of June 2010, 86.5% of Connecticut residents are already online. Beyond CT your internet ad has the potential to reach a worldwide audience. According to some estimates, there may be as many as 60 million people on the internet.


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20 Years in Publication

The Rental Guide is southeastern Connecticut’s most affordable, reliable and effective apartment rental advertising medium. The Rental Guide is delivered to more than 500 locations throughout Eastern and Southern Connecticut.

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Our Classified pages are filled with a variety of Condo, Home and Apartment rentals as well as other valuable information. It's great place place to find your next home. Have an apartment or maybe a timeshare to rent? Advertise it here and get seen In Print and Online all for a reasonable price.

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